We design steel structures

Increased freedom in structures design

Our experience in constructing buildings, shopping centers or shops allows us to be creative with design and structure in case of commercial spaces, as well as with their presentation. Structural Building ensures delivery and installation of the steel structure according to the project needs and construction deadlines.

Design to ensure a production flow

Metal buildings provide versatility in terms of space and partitioning systems with walls, roof and technical and technological installations. Constant Compex engineers can complete any type of industrial halls for various production fields

Flexible and durable structures

A metal frame warehouse design includes partitioning spaces to ensure a perfect flow of incoming and outgoing freight, including office space and technical space. Projects may include areas for industrial activities with one or several wide openings, size varying depending on the particular industry.

Advantages for the agricultural sphere

We build metal frames for growing sheds in order to ensure ideal partitioning for storage and relevant activities. Building them may incur low transport, assembly and maintenance costs, and erecting such halls may be done quickly with the help of prefabricated materials

Advantages of steel structure buildings

  • Structures that offer maximum security in use
  • Ability to optimize and control costs
  • Short and precise deadlines, unrelated to weather parameters
  • Effective founding solutions due to the structure’s light weight
  • Minimum organizing requirements on the building site in terms of both space and staff
  • Ease in adjustments and extensions, allowing the recovering and/or moving of the structure

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